Differentiation of Ziwoo equipment

1. Excellent temperature uniformity

– The temperature uniformity on the product tray is excellent through arrangement optimization of heating lamp and temperature measuring device.

2. Quick brazing speed:

– 1 cycle time takes within 120 minutes from loading to cooling

3. Diversity of processing products:

– It is capable of responding to changes in processed product dimensions with a specially designed height adjustment device.

4. Operation program optimized for rapid brazing:

– Quality enhancement and defect rate reduction by providing a program which is many process data is accumulated such as operating time adjustment according to gas generated during processing, adjustment of time for opening and closing of a vacuum valve, etc.

5. Vacuum device with know-how based on long time experience of vacuum device manufacturing:

– The device has high reliability by applying vacuum lines and vacuum pump operation technology applied vacuum device manufacturing technology for over 15 years.
– Excellent realization of a high vacuum degree by applying the manufacturing technology of the 10-10 Torr vacuum degree
– Excellent material welding processing and surface treatment technology to realize high vacuum degree
– The quick technical response is possible for reacting to various vacuum applications and improvement requests from the client