Differentiation of Ziwoo equipment

1. Excellent temperature control

  • Highly Uniformed Internal cross-section temperature;
    The average temperature of upper, middle, lower, back and front is within ± 1.5°C (Based on 300mm purifier, 300°C setting)
  • Excellent Overheating Control;
    Within +1℃
  • Internal temperature compensator provided;
    Since the heater is heated in the external standby state, a difference in temperature from the temperature in the vacuum chamber is unavoidable.
    The internal temperature must be measured in a vacuum to compensate for this.
    For this reason, a separately manufactured thermocouple with a length of 3M (for 300mm), a stainless steel flange with a device to prevent vacuum leakage, a fixing device, thermocouple support, and 1 to 5 temperature display devices are provided as one set for 10 devices basis.

2. Perfect impurity trapping and fast reaching to targeted vacuum levels

  • Clients can select various trap styles such as Single or Dual Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) trap, Refrigerant Single, and In-Line trap. (Patent registered technology)
  • By vacuum inducing nitrogen gas vaporized in low temperature through the primary -196℃ LN2 charging furnace to the second cylinder and recycling it, the cost can be reduced while the worker convenience can be improved due to recycling the low temperature vapored gas and reducing the amount of liquid nitrogen used for long vaporization time. (Usable for over 16 hours after one charge based on 300mm)
  • When using the diffusion pump, the dual trap system can completely prevent possible oil backstream.
  • Target vacuum arrival time can be shortened and the degree of vacuum can be improved due to low-temperature heat transfer.
  • Due to a convenient operation system that is available pneumatic Up/Down, Swivel, cleaning work is possible by one person and human resource utilization is improved.

3. Vacuum device with know-how based on long time experience of vacuum device manufacturing

  • The device has high reliability by applying vacuum lines and vacuum pump operation technology applied vacuum device manufacturing technology for over 15 years.
  • Excellent realization of a high vacuum degree by applying the manufacturing technology of the 10-10 Torr vacuum degree
  • Excellent material welding processing and surface treatment technology to realize high vacuum degree
  • The Quick technical response is possible for reacting to various vacuum applications and improvement requests from the client

4. Customized technology and reliability according to the experience of manufacturing a large amount of Vacuum Sublimation System:

  • Ziwoo Technology has references for manufacturing equipment ranging from R&D equipment of 50mm to equipment for mass production of 300mm. Especially; securing the technology for manufacturing a 300mm sublimation system for mass production is highly important.
  • Both PC control and PLC control are available.
  • Specialization and versatility of operation screens made by accumulated manufacturing experience for a long time
  • Excellent elemental technology, such as applying a patented vacuum gauge filter to extend the life of the gauge