Equipment types and pictures

Ziwoo Technology’s rapid vacuum brazing equipment is classified into Bell Type for small capacity and Box Type for large capacity according to the shape of the chamber and loading amount.

Item Bell Type Brazing Machine Box Type Brazing Machine
Chamber Shape Bell Jar Rectangular Box
Product Tray Size W150 x L150(mm), 225㎠

W200 x L200(mm), 400㎠

W250 x L250(mm), 625㎠

W250 x L350(mm), 875㎠

Vacuum Pump 6” Diffusion Pump &

650 L/min Oil Rotary Pump

8” Diffusion Pump &

960 L/min Oil Rotary Pump

Vacuum Degree 3 x 10-5  Torr or lower 3 x 10-5  Torr or lower
Processing time/1batch Approx.120 min Approx. 120 min
Chamber Open/Close Pneumatic Up/Down

& Swivel

Pneumatic Up/down
Operation PLC, Auto/Manual PLC, Auto/Manual
Option Chiller, Drying Oven

Comparison of Bell Type Brazing Machine and Box Type Brazing Machine

Bell Type

Box Type