Equipment types

Ziwoo Technology’s Vacuum Sublimation System is divided into from 50 to 300 according to the internal size of the quartz tube which is the process chamber.
Commonly, model 50, 80 and 100 are used for R&D and model 120, 150, and 200 for Pilot production and model 200, 250, and 300 are used for mass production.
Ziwoo Technology has sales references for all kinds of models and especially more than 50 units of model 300 that are used for mass production were successfully supplied to the client and are currently being used in the client’s site.
The fact that Ziwoo Technology has supplied this 300 mm purification system for mass production and it is currently in operation can be an important touchstone when the clients consider the ability to manufacture vacuum sublimation and purification equipment.

C. Sublimation System for OLED Display

1) Specification

Model Quartz Tube (ID, mm) Loading Capacity General Specification
ZPS-50 ID50 x t2 10gr
  1. Chamber; Quartz, IT grade
  2. Heater; Ceramic Khanthal, 4~8 zones, Upper/Lower separate control(8~16 zones)
  3. Temperature Control; PID with Temperature Compensation Tool
  4. Vacuum Pump;
    – Back up; Oil Rotary Pump or Dry Pump
    – Main; Diffusion Pump(~x 10 -6 Torr ↓) or Turbo Pump(~x 10 -7 Torr ↓)
  5. Trap; Pneumatic Up/Down & Swievel
    – Cooling Water; Main & Gage trap
    – Liquid Nitrogen; Main (Single or Dual type)
  6. System Control; Touch or PC
  7. Options; Glove Box

*Remarks; Loading capacity can be changed by length of loading zone and material’s density and shape.

ZPS-80 ID80 x t2 50gr
ZPS-100 ID100 x t3 100gr
ZPS-120 ID120 x t3 150gr
ZPS-150 ID150 x t3 500gr
ZPS-200 ID200 x t3 1,000gr
ZPS-250 ID250 x t5 2,000gr
ZPS-300 ID300 x t5 3,000gr

2) ZPS Model Classification

Quatrz Tube(ID) ZPS-D-C1 ZPS-D-V1 ZPS-D-V2 ZPS-T Remark
50mm * ● ; Can be produced
* Cryogenic Pump can be applied
* Can supply 50mm system
  1. Refrigerant Single Trap + In-Line Trap
  2. Diffusion + 2xOil Rotary Pump
  1. Double Trap, LN2, Pneumatic up/down and swivel
  2. Diffusion + 2x Oil Rotary Pump
  1. Single Trap, LN2 Pneumatic up/down and swivel
  2. Diffusion + 2x Oil Rotary Pump
  1. Single Trap, LN2 Pneumatic up/down and In Line Filter
  2. Turbo Pump + Dry Pump