Plasma System

Vacuum Coating System

The surface improvement work using vacuum plasma is a technique widely used for improving the yield of a semiconductor chip package process, increasing adhesion, and the like. This plasma system is also used to remove residues remaining in a PCB laser hole by injecting Etching Gases or the like in a vacuum plasma state. Ziwoo technology uses such plasma technology to develop the Vacuum Plasma System, manufactures and supplies products, and recently Ziwoo Technology is actively embarking on to develop and commercialize an in-line cleaner using atmospheric pressure plasma.

Vacuum Plasma

Schmatic Diagram for Vacuum Plasma

Description Standard Model ZPV – C ZPV – D
Cathode Cleaning for Chip Packaging, etc. De-smearing for Multi-Layer FPCB, etc.
Power Source High Frequency High Frequency
Process Gas Ar, O₂ CF₄, C₂F, etc.
Chamber Type Rectangular Type Rectangular Type
Cycle Time 3-10 min / batch
(Depending upon
Chamber Size)
20 ~ 50 min / batch
(Depending upon Meterial,
Chamber Size, Quantity)

Vacuum Plasma System (Plavacc ZPV-C & ZPV-D Standard Series)