Rapid Vacuum Brazing Equipment Overview

Due to the growth of the overall industry including the machinery industry, machining industry of lathe, milling, MCT and the like is also steadily growing.
Accordingly this increased the demand for machining tools for machining.
The demand for Insert Tip, Bite, End Mill, Reamer, Drill, etc. using PCD, PCBN, and Mono Diamond is also steadily on the rise.
Most of these tools are being manufactured through brazing work in the atmosphere using high-frequency heating.
However, such brazing work in the atmosphere increases the defective rate or shortens the use time of the tool, occurring brittleness at the joints due to the infiltration of gas such as oxygen when the filter metal, which is an intermediate adhesive, is in a liquid form.
In order to complement such weak points, methods like brazing a large amount of products at the same time in a large vacuum furnace or rapidly brazing small amount through a small vacuum furnace are spreading.

Classification Vacuum Brazing high frequency brazing
Weldability Excellent Average
Productivity Excellent Average
Required worker skill Average Excellent
Initial investment cost Average Low

Example of vacuum brazing