Related Equipment

1. Vertical sublimation purification equipment

  • It is very difficult for vertical sublimation equipment to achieve temperature uniformity due to thermal characteristics. For this reason, it is known that equipment with a multilayer heater structure and a large tube diameter is difficult to manufacture, and research and development have been actively conducted by several companies, following Ziwoo Technology’s lead. 
  • Ziwoo Technology’s vertical sublimation purification equipment consists of three heater zones and a quartz chamber with an inner diameter of 80 mm. 
  • Currently, several devices were manufactured and supplied and currently being used on customers’ sites as simple R & D devices.

2. Material heat-resistance testing equipment

  • Organic materials are very vulnerable to heat. 
  • For this reason, organic material manufacturers seek to measure thermal endurance for the original client’s request or their own R&D.
  • Ziwoo Technology is developing and selling the material heat durability experimental equipment to address the specific needs of these clients.

3. Internal pipes transportation loading device

  • Over 200mm internal pipes, especially used for vacuum sublimation systems is very difficult to transport and load/upload when carried by one worker due to its weight in one piece. 
  • Currently these works are processed by two workers, however, internal pipes transportation and loading/unloading device applied convenience is required for the client who needs to shift to a mass production system for the safety and worker convenience. 
  • The photos below show a 300mm device for transporting and loading.