Vacuum Coating System

Vacuum Coating System

01. Roll to Roll Coating System
The Roll to Roll coating system enables continuous thin film coating of flexible materials and is widely used in the production of FCCL, FPCB, various functional films, OLEDs which are next-generation display and Flexible solar cells Equipment.

– Film Width : up to 1,100mm available

02. Batch Type Coating System
Ziwoo Technology’s batch type coating system is a commercial cleaning coating equipment used for large quantity-coating for plastics, lens, EMI filters, optical filters, reflectors, and accessories, etc.

Lon Plating System (Supercoaty ZIP Series)

Description Standard Model ZIP – 08 ZIP – 10 ZIP – 12 ZIP – 15
Chamber Size(mm) dia.800 x H850 dia.1000 x H1100 dia.1200 x H1300 dia.1500 x H1600
Jig Assembly Rotationg Jig
Substrate Bias Source DC or RF
Substrate Heating Micro Sheath Heater, Max 350 ℃
Vacuum Pump Oil Diffusion 8500ℓ/min 8500ℓ/min x 2ea 13000ℓ/min x 2ea 15000ℓ/min x 2ea
Rotary 3000ℓ/min 3000ℓ/min 4500ℓ/min 7000ℓ/min
Mechanical Booster 250㎥/hr 600㎥/hr 1000㎥/hr 1300㎥/hr
Power DC (Sputtering) 20 ~ 30KW
RF (Etching, Bias) 60w ~ 2KW
RF Option
Ultimate Vacuum ~ x10-6 Torr

03. Suttering System
The sputter-based thin film coating equipment is widely used commercially for wafer coating, ITO coating for LCD glass, and thin-film coating on various films. It is also used in research laboratories and universities for various R&D purposes.

– A customized specification is available –

Sputtering System (Supersputty ZCS Standard Series)

Description Standard Model ZCS – 4 ZCS – 6 ZCS – 8
Cathode Type Magnetron or Diode
Target Size(mm) dia. 101.6 dia. 152.4 dia. 203.2
Number Max. 3ea Max. 3ea Max. 3ea
Substrate Size(mm) dia. 350 dia. 450 dia. 550
Rotation 1~20 rpm(Option;Magnetic Seal)
Up & Down Stroke 0 ~ 100mm(Motor Drive)
Healting 400 ~ 850 ℃
Pump Rotary & 8inch Cryogenic Rotary & 10inch Cryogenic Rotary & 12inch Cryogenic
Power Source RF or DC
Ultimate Pressure ~x10-6  Torr or less
Option Pump(Turbo Molecular/Oil Diffusion), RF Etching, Bias, APC,
Number of Target, etc.