Vacuum Material Production Equipment

Vacuum Melting & Casting Fumace
Vacuum melting casting equipment is widely used in the production of high value-added metals such as gold wire and copper wire for semiconductor, hyperpure metal, shape memory alloy, amorphous alloy, and super allow.

Vacuum Melting / Casting System (Goodcastyh ZMM & ZMC Standard Series)

Description Standard Model ZMM – 10 ZMC – 10
Melting Power Induction Induction
Crucible Graphite Graphite
Capacity 1 ~ 10Kg (Iron) 1 ~ 10Kg (Iron)
Casting Type Mold Casting (Option) Continuous Vertical Casting
Mold Graphite, Copper or Steel
Nozzle None Special Designed Graphite
Product rod Ø8 ~ Ø10mm wire
Control Temperature PID
Power TPR
Application Gold, Copper, Platinum, Aluminum, etc. Gold Wiire, Copper Wire, Shape Memory Alloy Wire, etc.

Vacuum Heat-Treatment
Vacuum heat treatment equipment is designed and manufactured to control the oxidation of metal products and obtain sound heat treatment characteristics.

Vacuum Heat-Treatment Furnace