Vacuum Sublimation Equipment Overview

Currently, the next-generation OLED display is being widely used in smartphones, TVs, laptops, automotive application components, etc., and its use is expected to be gradually expanded to lighting and AD display in the future.

The OLED display is manufactured by vapor-depositing organic materials of various layers or electronic printing methods. The vacuum sublimation refining device is used during a process to highly purifying these organic materials. The vacuum sublimation refining device is consists of a heater, reaction chamber, vacuum device and control unit.

Heater Ceramic heater divided into 5 to 8 parts
Reaction Chamber Quartz exterior, interior tubes and boat
Vacuum Device Turbo pump and dry pump/ Diffusion pump and oil rotary pump, vacuum tubes
Control Unit PC control unit, PLC control unit


Interior tubes and boat

Vacuum device
Turbo pump and dry pump

Vacuum device
Diffusion pump and oil rotary pump

PC Control